Adding Spacers to ColdFusion Builder Menus

One of the things missing from ColdFusion Builder Extensions is the ability to make spacers in your menu items. This makes it a little hard to organize menu items.

But it turns out that you can add handlerless menu items. I have posted sample SML below.

Unfortunately, they are still clickable but because they don’t have a handler they don’t do anything. So it’s not a perfect solution, but it does make it a little easier to organize your menu options.


<contribution target=”projectview” >
<menu name=”Apptacular”>
<action name=”Regenerate Application” handlerid=”generate”></action>
<action name=”——————————” />
<action name=”Create Application” handlerid=”handlerCreateProject”></action>
<action name=”Edit Application Configuration” handlerid=”editConfig”></action>
   <action name=”Edit Database Data Model” handlerid=”editDB”></action>
<action name=”Edit Item Data Model” handlerid=”configtable”>
<filter type=”file” pattern=”.*.cfc” /> 
<action name=”——————————” />
<action name=”Prune Excess Files” handlerid=”purge”></action>

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