Using ColdFusion and Flash Builder Together

Since the cat’s out of the bag on the fact that ColdFusion Builder comes bundled with Flash Builder, I thought it might be good to share some tips for using them together.

Flash Builder 4 for ColdFusion Developers

This video gives a little overview of using ColdFusion services with Flash Builder. It will show exactly how to pull them in and use them together.

Using Flash Builder 4 and ColdFusion Builder in an integrated workflow

This article goes over using ColdFusion services with Flash Builder. It uses ColdFusion Builder and Apptacular to generate back-end services. It then shows you how to consume them with Flash Builder. Yes, it uses Apptacular, so if you want to get your hands on that, there is a download link. The copy of Apptacular included in this article definitely works with the demo. Past that, I know I’ve added some bug fixes since then, so caveat downloader.

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