ColdFusion Builder GO!

I’m happy to announce that this morning, at 12:00 AM EST*  ColdFusion Builder has been released and is available for purchase. Before I tell you how kick ass ColdFusion Builder is let me answer the questions everyone has asked me that I’ve had to be coy about for the past few months.

When will it be released?


How much will it cost?

ColdFusion Builder Standalone will cost $299 and will include Flash Builder Standard. That’s right; you get ColdFusion Builder and Flash Builder for $299.

Flash Builder Premium will also include ColdFusion Builder for the price of $699.

Where do I get it?

Okay, that’s out of the way. Let’s talk about ColdFusion Builder.

I love ColdFusion Builder. Sometime during the betas I switched over to using ColdFusion Builder, and I haven’t looked back. I’ve put up with reinstalling over and over and over again through 3 public betas, and several private alphas, and several private refreshes. I’ve done this because I was excited with every drop to see what our engineers added. With few exceptions every release was a phenomenal leap over the previous versions.

Of course I’m going to say this, because I work for Adobe, right? Well I’ve griped, but gripes go inward, not outwards. (At least in the written form 😉 )

It’s not hard for me to pick my favorite feature: ColdFusion Builder Extensions. Extending an IDE isn’t a new concept. We chose Eclipse as the platform for ColdFusion Builder precisely because it was designed to be extended. But the fact that ColdFusion developers can extend Builder with the language in which they are expert instead of dropping down to Java and Eclipse development is huge. It makes the development of plugins have almost no barriers to entry. Have an idea? Write 50 lines of code and XML and there it is. We’ve already seen 30 extensions up on RIAForge before ColdFusion Builder is even out of beta. I am continuously impressed at what the community is doing in this space, and I can’t wait to see what they do after today.

Check out for yourself what the community has done at the ColdFusion Builder Extensions section at RIAForge.

It’s tough to get a sense of how good a product is when you are working this close to it. You don’t know if you have something, or you’re suffering from groupthink. But some people will always find fault, some people will always love everything. You have to throw away those opinions and focus on the rest. Doing this, I think the verdict on ColdFusion Builder is that it is a great product, an impressive 1.0 product, and it still has lots of potential for which to strive in future versions.

I think the engineers, and product manager (Adam Lehman) deserve a round of applause (and several rounds of whatever they want to drink) for their efforts.

Go get yourself some ColdFusion Builder today!


* Or possibly earlier.

7 thoughts on “ColdFusion Builder GO!

  1. As somebody who has been going through the betas as well, I have to say this is truely an impressive product. In actuality, I don’t think I’ve written any ColdFusion code in anything but CFB in about 4 months. It’s exciting to have the final bits finally out, and it’s great to working on such a great platform.

    Tell the entire team THANKS for all of us CF app builders 🙂


  2. Well, we don’t prohibit you from using Railo, and you can add custom dictionary support for other flavors of CFML. But that’s about it.

    I believe, but cannot confirm that most of the intelligent behavior of ColdFusion Builder are not available when targeting Railo, or previous versions of ColdFusion for that matter.


  3. Terry,

    There was some mention earlier that those who purchased CF9 Enterprise licenses would get copies of CF Builder when it releases. Is that no longer the case?


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