The Results are in… ColdFusion 9 is wicked fast

We released a performance brief on ColdFusion 9.

  • Flash Remoting is now 8 times faster
  • Object instantiation is 7 times faster
  • IIS connectivity is faster
  • Implicit Getters and Setters are 7 times faster than explicit

There’s a lot to love here, check it out:

8 thoughts on “The Results are in… ColdFusion 9 is wicked fast

  1. CF9 with Java Version 1.6.0_14 vs. CF8 with Java version 1.6.0_04. A test like this makes absolutly no sense. Not CF9 is faster, it is the JVM!


  2. Hmmm, I’d like to hear an official reply by Terry / Adobe on the testing benchmark/setup. It makes sense what he says about the JVM, has that been taken into account? have you for instance done a comparison of both engines with the same JVM in the basis? Now THAT would be good testpractice and a fair comparison. ‘Cause the only difference in the setup should be CF, and not the JVM, or the OS, or the webserver, or… You catch my drift, eh?

    PS: Maybe it was just a typo in the PDF?


  3. Hi Terrence,

    Asked Ben Forta the same question as stated above when he was in te Netherlands at the CFUGNL meeting. He still didn’t have an answer, but did state that it is indeed faster in many aspects than CF8. It would be good though if you guys actually redo the work if it’s not a typo. For us it’s a good selling point saying it’s faster, IF it truly is. No matter how many people actually just install CF8 out of the box with the old JVM, WE don’t 😉


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