Builder Stats

You may have seen my previous posts about Apptacular. I’m getting pretty far along in it, and I wanted to figure out how many lines of code I had written, you know, for my only curiosity’s sake. There’s no easy way of doing this, but I figured that this was the perfect excuse to build another extension.

So basically I wrote an extension that will count every nonblank line in every file in a targeted folder. It then groups those line counts by folder, extension, and then just all files.

This extension isn’t going to change anyone’s life. But it’s a great example of the fact that ColdFusion Builder extensions remove barriers to entry for this sort of thing. If I had to drop to Java to extend this in Eclipse I would have never done it – too much work for too little reward. But with ColdFusion Builder extensions in ColdFusion there’s very little cost to indulging in this sort of experiment:

  • 10 minutes to write the base code
  • 10 minutes to turn it into an extension
  • 1 hour getting the formatting right to share publicly. (CSS is sadly harder then ColdFusion)

Feel free to use it, and improve on it: BuilderStats at RIAForge.

7 thoughts on “Builder Stats

  1. …I’m probably horrendously slow, but: how do one use this extension, after installing it, can’t seem to find “builder stats” anywhere in any menus og contextual menus (except in the Extensions View)…


  2. I have trouble with this extension as well. I installed it to my local cf9 developers edition in the wwwroot folder. Then I tried to run it on some code I have in the wwwroot folder. I just get Navigation to the webpage was canceled display in my popup display.
    I am interested in this extension to see how it will work for sure.

    thanks for any help.


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