Getting ColdFusion 9

Okay, so ColdFusion 9 is out, and you want to get a copy. How do you go about it?

First, the developer and trial editions are free and available.

Second if you want to buy ColdFusion 9, your method will vary depending on where you are in the world..

You can just buy it from our online store.

For corporate customers:

In the US, east of the Mississippi, contact Dominick Conte
In the US, west of the Mississippi, contact Tim Pontier
In the US and purchasing for a Governmental organization, contact Matt Troedson
In the US and purchasing for an Education organization, contact your Adobe Rep

In Europe, Africa or the Middle East the answer will vary from country to country, contact Claude Englebert to get in touch with the appropriate partner.

Worldwide we have local resellers.

8 thoughts on “Getting ColdFusion 9

  1. Felix,

    If I understand correctly, the “Enterprise Feature Router” is a single-threading of processes that have enhanced functionality in the Enterprise Edition; so the capability is there and fully featured, but the process becomes single-threaded in Standard Edition. (You can only create 1 PDF from HTML at a time. Even if you use CFThread, each request will go into a queue and they will be processed 1 at a time.)


  2. I was so into the new ORM thing until I ran across the article that said it can only work with one database at a time. One. What corporation or major web site builds pages out of just one single freakin’ database?

    Heck, a SMALL client I work for has a member database, a content database, and a database used for logging sessions and page requests. And ALL of them are hit for each and every web page served. So much for built-in ORM.


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