ColdFusion 9 EULA changes

The EULA for ColdFusion 9 has several exciting changes. (Yes, excitement from a EULA!)

  • Usage with cloud computing is now supported. Each license of ColdFusion will limit you to a number of instances.
    • Standard 1 instance
    • Enterprise 10 instances
  • ColdFusion 9 boxes dedicated to testing or group development no longer require their own licenses. A license of ColdFusion 9 you buy for production will allow you to create the rest of your environment. This is in addition to the change in the EULA we made in ColdFusion 8 to cover passive backup servers. We made both of these changes because it was important to us that developers not be penalized for following best practices.

It’s important to note that these changes are not retroactive to previous versions of ColdFusion, only to ColdFusion 9.

19 thoughts on “ColdFusion 9 EULA changes

  1. Hi Terry,

    Which section is the testing/group development addition under in the EULA? I can’t seem to find it and need to show the “powers that be” it’s there are we some save some cash when buying our licenses 😉



  2. What does it really mean by “ColdFusion 9 boxes dedicated to testing or group development no longer require their own licenses.” ?

    So that instance of CF9 will share the same license key with the Live server?


  3. Thate is absolutely awesome. Not having to pay for 2 licenses rocks. Our powers that be are big Adobe fans and this just gave them a reason to upgrade that much sooner.


  4. For any looking for the EULA itself, it’s offered at

    Also, Terry, you may want to clarify that the use for Cloud purposes is NOT like the use for dev/test/staging. Whereas in the latter case, one can use the prod license key while also installing it on another server for dev/test/staging, in the case of cloud computing, it seems that a licensed key can then ONLY be used on the cloud, not also on some other physical production server. Do I have that right?


  5. Oh man, this announcement is mana from heaven for us. We are planning two private clouds (one live, one dev/test), with 12 CPUs in each. Under the old CF8 licensing, I believe that would’ve been 24 CPUs / 2 CPUs per Enterprise license = 12 CF8 Enterprise licenses = $$$$$$$. The new cloud licensing seems to indicate one CF9 Enterprise license will cover both live and dev/test, which is fantastic!


  6. Where is the actual EULA to read, I’m unclear what qualifies as a cloud deployment? With a single enterprise license could I run my own cloud of virtualized servers and deploy 10 instances of CF across this? Or is it strictly limited to specific providers like amazon, rackspace, etc?



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  8. For those who may seek the “spin off” post that Terry referred to in comments, that URL is now:

    See a comment I added there about how things have changed (on this matter of using your prod license for staging/test) as of CF2016 and above.

    Finally, for those who may read the EULA of their current CF edition for themselves, it’s always implemented as a file in the top-level directory where CF is installed.


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