MAX 2009 Unconference – ColdFusion for the Masses: PHP, Java, Ruby, and ASP Developers

Wow, that’s a long title.

I’m doing a session at the ColdFusion Unconference at Max 2009 on promoting ColdFusion to non-ColdFusion developers. It’s about going into other communities and focusing on the correct arguments for ColdFusion. I want to both share what I’ve learned in terms of winning arguments, and hear what you guys think resonate. So I’ll be presenting a bit, but I’ll also be listening to your experience (if you care to share.)

So sign up for MAX 2009, and check out the Unconference.

This session will be Tuesday October 6th from 1:30 – 2:30.

Also check out my main conference sessions:

Leveraging Exposed Services in ColdFusion Centaur
October 5 at 11:30AM
This session is about the new exposed services or CFaaS we have included in ColdFusion 9. I’ll be talking about how to leverage them in Flex and other languages, and even how to enhance previous versions of ColdFusion with them.

ColdFusion with Microsoft Office, SharePoint, and Exchange
October 5 at 05:00PM
I’ll be talking about how nice ColdFusion plays with Microsoft technologies. While Exchange integration has been around since ColdFusion 8, with 9 we’ve added the ability to interact with SharePoint and Office documents.


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