Co-working at IndyHall

Today I tried out co-working at Independents Hall. Co-working for those of you who might not know is basically people who don’t have traditional offices working in the same space. It’s for freelancers or independent contractors who tend to work out of their own homes or at their local coffee bar with WIFI. Instead of working alone, they can work with other independents and freelancers in a shared space. You get all of the benefits of having people working around you, the ability to talk to other people with similar drive, and a shared coffee maker.

Though I don’t quite fit that definition, I come kinda close. I travel a lot and when I’m not traveling I’m in my home office. I figured I was close enough.

It wasn’t quite what I was expecting. If you read their website, you get this feeling that people are bumping into each other, figuring out that they have a startup idea that will change the world, and working on it to the betterment of themselves and the world. Um, it’s just a bunch of guys and gals working in the same office, with no real dress code. People occasionally talk. Some people are working together.

What a frickin’ relief. I was afraid I’d get all covered in startup cooties and granola.

It was great. It was really affordable. I had a good conversation. I got a lot of work done. It’s three doors down from a smoke shop.

Assuming I’m allowed back- I was high maintenance with the office manager; which is the only logistical problem I had with the place. After months of getting up, leaving, and coming back to my laptop whenever I want to, I’ve gotten used to not having to call to get myself let back in. I assume that if you become member they give you some sort of code. (And the office manager was very gracious with high maintenance me. )

I recommend it to whoever is on the fence about it.

4 thoughts on “Co-working at IndyHall

  1. I’ve followed Alex’s tributes and trials with Indy Hall for some time. Nice to see someone I recognize using the space. Let us know if you go back and like it. (I’m from Mpls, but like the idea of co-working.)


  2. Hey Ryan, isn’t sentence spelled with an ‘E’ in the second syllable? Oh wait, it is, because Firefox isn’t flagging me. Get a real web browser, dude.
    PS – I ate your CFUnited chocolate. It was delicious.


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