DZone Refcard on ColdFusion

DZone released my Refcard on ColdFusion 9 today.

As you may or may not know, DZone Refcardz is a collection of cheat sheets that are designed to give developers a quick jumpstart into a new topic. They’re pretty great – no fluff and lots of content squeezed into a little bit of space.

I’m particularly excited about this as the audience for the DZone is pretty expansive, and cuts over many technology interests, including Flash Platform developers, Java developers, .Net Developers and other web developers. As an evangelist, it’s important for me to show off ColdFusion to people who aren’t already fans. The Refcard and my interview with DZone over the release of the public beta of ColdFusion 9 are part of that ongoing effort.

I’m committed to expanding the ColdFusion community by bringing in .NET, Java, PHP and other web developers who are willing to give ColdFusion a new look. We’re not going to do that by only talking to the ColdFusion community, and this is what reaching out to them looks like. More things in this space are coming down the pike, but I wanted to let all of you know that we’re committed to growing the community, and taking steps to do so.

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