Scotch on the Road Part Deux

The mainland Europe leg of Scotch on the Road is a go. Adam Lehman, ColdFusion Product Manager, and I are splitting up the dates. We’ll be teaming up with Andy Allan and Kevin McCabe of Fuzzy Orange, Claude Englebert ColdFusion EMEA Specialist, and Serge Jespers Platform Evangelist from Adobe to bring some ColdFusion goodness to the continent.

  • October 19: Munich
  • October 21: Zurich
  • October 23: Milan
  • October 26: Amsterdam
  • October 27: Brussels
  • October 29: London

The best part is it’s free. Yep, no cost, one day sessions in various cities in Europe, completely free. Now you have no excuse to stay at work.

I can’t wait to team back up with Fuzzy Orange, Serge, and Claude for this. I’ll be taking the first week of events in Munich, Zurich, and Milan.

One thought on “Scotch on the Road Part Deux

  1. Yeah this second tour is great news, I missed the SOTR UK for various reasons, I was so glad to see them placing a London date on this second tour, booked my place yesterday, it’ll be my first CF conference so really looking forward to meeting a few of the ‘online’ community face-to-face.



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