User Group Tour

Ben blogged it so I guess I’m free to now.

We’re doing a multi-city tour of ColdFusion and Flex user groups. I’ll be talking about the next version of both products, currently code named Centaur and Gumbo respectively. Here’s the schedule:

  • Albany, NY – 6/16
  • Hartford, CT – 6/17
  • East Lansing, MI – 6/18
  • Bloomington, IN – 6/22
  • San Antonio, TX – 6/23
  • Houston, TX – 6/24
  • Austin, TX – 6/25
  • Dallas, TX – 6/26

7 thoughts on “User Group Tour

  1. Terry, I think you might want to edit the entry (for those who don’t read comments) to clarify that these are the cities *you’re* speaking in. Since you say "we’re doing a multi-city" tour, some may presume this is the list of all UG tours.

    Sure, if people visit Ben’s site we see too he has listed only "his" talks, but not all reading this will do that and connect the dots. just trying to help.

    Indeed, in case any would wonder, is there any one list of all the CFUG tours, for those who wonder if their city is covered by somebody?

    Hope it goes well for you and all the speaker and attendees.


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