cf.Objective() 2009 – Here I come

I just booked my travel for cf.Objective() 2009. I’m especially excited to return this year, for a few reasons:

  • cf.Objective() was the event that got me re-energized about CF back in 2007
  • cf.Objective() did that because it is a kick ass event
  • I’m now part of Adobe
  • We’re going to be talking a great deal about Centaur and Bolt

We’re doing a few sessions:

I can’t wait to see you all in Minneapolis. Make sure you get your tickets.

2 thoughts on “cf.Objective() 2009 – Here I come

  1. I’m bummed that it looks like I’m not going to make it to any conferences this year. I’d love to see the Extending Adobe Bolt with CFML and Centaur and Gumbo presentations…


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