Chomping at the Bit

I’ve been kinda quiet on the substantive discussions of ColdFusion as of late. I’ve been listening but not speaking too much. I boil that down to a few reasons:

  1. Being new to the evangelist job is keeping me extremely busy
  2. We’re still not really talking publicly about the next version of ColdFusion yet.

However, looking on the horizon, I see cf.Objective, webDU, Scotch on the Road, and the upcoming user group tour. I’m excited about these, as I expect the conferences themselves to be fun – being able to catch up or meet community members is awesome. But the real reason I’m happy about this is that we’ll be talking about Centaur in greater depth.

I have to admit I was afraid that seeing how the CF-sausage was made would make it lose some of its luster for me. However, I have to say it’s quite the opposite. Seeing the process has gotten me more excited than ever to talk about, tinker with, and full out application develop with ColdFusion.

I know the silence from us is making the natives of the ColdFusion community a bit restless. I get it. But hold out a little bit longer, we’ve got some leaks coming in the next two months that will show you how the next version of ColdFusion is going to set your RAD engines on ludicrous speed.


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