Online ColdFusion Meetup on 3/19

I’m presenting at Charlie Arehart’s Online ColdFusion Meetup on Thursday March 19th at 6pm EDT. My topic is:

Frosting, Cake, or Plate: Using CF for whatever you need to do

Terry Ryan will take you on a trip through the various roles of ColdFusion. Starting with a simple query, he will show the various options at hand for interacting with it. It starts simple, but ends with more complex interactions like Flex backends and chat bots. Hopefully, we’ll hit home the idea that no matter what your application needs ColdFusion can play it’s part for you.

I was having trouble writing the summary last week as I was juggling funerals and being pretty sick, but the gist of it is I take one simple query and show many of the ways of interacting with it. I start with the simple vanilla HTML view, and work up to Ajax clients, Flex, and IM gateways. The idea is that ColdFusion can do it all for you, or you can selectively use it for targeted pieces of your solution.

For a little more background, you can read my blog post: ColdFusion Has Many Roles to Play.

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