Name This Product

I’m going to do a little exercise. I am going to describe a product. Tell me what technology product I am talking about:

  • Niche product
  • Users are often derided for using it.
  • Outside pronouncements of its obsolescence are common
  • Users are passionate often to the point of zealotry.
  • Users claim to be much more productive because of it.
  • It holds a minority market-share.
  • It’s commonly criticized for costing more than the competition

So… What am I talking about?

Apple, what product did you think I was talking about?

I guess I’m trying to point out, that I’ve been thinking a lot about a particular product’s place in the collective common wisdom, and perhaps we need to change it. But before we change it externally, we need to make sure internally in the community, we know what we offer.

4 thoughts on “Name This Product

  1. I hear you Scott, but I figured, the "It’s dead", "It’s dying" predictions have typically gone after Apple as a whole, and not any one product.

    Although I thought I did see an uptick in "the IPod is dead" tales.

    Long story short, a lot of CF people see CF as the underdog, and I almost never hear Apple fans speaking that way about Apple, despite there being many similarities in their markets.


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