Max 2008 Day 1 Keynote

It’s Day 1, and I actually made it to the Keynote on time. Thanks multiple alarm clocks!

Some of the major announcements have already been made:

  • Thermo is Flash Catalyst
  • Cocomo is going to beta
  • “Flash Platform” is the new marketing term hammered home.
  • Air 1.5 has been released including Flash 10
  • 64 bit Flash Player for Linux

Shantanu Narayen, the CEO of Adobe started it off, and showed off Adobe’s participation in Project Red.

Next, Kevin Lynch took the stage, and started off talking about three areas where the software industry is changing:

  • Cloud Computing
  • Social Computing
  • Devices and Desktops.

He showed off new features with Flash 10, including audio, text, and 3d features.

The CTO of Disney Interactive Media Group talked about what they are doing with Adobe products.

Major League Baseball announced today that their video will now be delivered by Flash. Which means the NFL, NBA, and MLB are all on Flash.

Michael Zimbalist from the New York Times talked about what the NYT is doing with Air. They’re working on a new version of their News Reader. Coolest part of this presentation – a giant picture of Wallace Shawn looking down at the crowd at Max. But more than that, they’ve really done a great job of creating an AIR version of the NYT that grasps the advantages of an actual newspaper with the advantages of an Air app.

Then in the middle of talking about a California Museum application, Maria Shriver showed up.

Kevin then showed off an Adobe application called “Tour de Flex” that shows off the underlying code to interact with various other cloud services.

Once again our friends from were talking about their cloud services. I think through sheer cognitive dissonance I’ve become a fan. “I’m listening to speak again, I must like them.” In fairness, they really are on the cutting edge of being an enterprise company that gets SOA.

Nigel Pegg came up to talk about Cocomo. He showed off an application that allows for doctors to conduct medical peer reviews using Flex and Cocomo. Cool stuff, but the coolest part is that the free public beta just rolled out.

Kevin announced Adobe Wave, a unified social networking tool. It basically allows you to get email like popups for all of your social networking sites.

Kevin moved on to Devices and Desktops, which meant “mobile.” Evidently Flash will have penetrated 1 Billion phones by 2009. As always, none of them are here in the US. But a cool announcement was “Flash 10 for smartphones.” He showed Flash on Symbian, Flash on Windows Media, and Flash on Android. He also made it clear that they were working on Flash on the Iphone. I wish we could get Blackberry added to this list.

They ended with a demo of how they see the phone of the future working.  Pretty interesting.  Lots of interactivity,  able to pass data between phones and other devices.  Very compelling.

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