Cigar BOF at Max 2008

Kevin Hoyt has a post over on his blog about the possibility of a Cigar BOF at this year’s MAX. He’s trying to gauge interest. In the name of all that is holy, drop him a comment. I’m looking at you MXUnit crew! Or Chris and Brian.

This is, of course, a combination of two of my personal passions, Adobe Geekery and Cigars, and I just hope it happens.

3 thoughts on “Cigar BOF at Max 2008

  1. that’s awesome! Funny because when i saw that last night i thought of you, too.

    now, i did hear that whenever a stogie is smoked in San Francisco, a hippie turns republican. But I’m willing to take that risk.

    See you there!


  2. Terrence, thanks for posting! And thanks to those who’ve come on over to let me know that they’re interested!

    Between those that have commented, and those that have expressed interested to me in person, I suspect that we’re around 15 – 20 strong thus far. That’s a good momentum. There’s still a few weeks before MAX (wink), so we’ll see what happens.

    Thanks again!


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