Use Selenium? Use XPath Checker.

Just a quick note if you are using Selenium to do your tests, and writing your own, you’ve probably had to write some XPath expressions. I had to write a particularly hard XPath string and got tired of trying to test my XPath expression in Selenium over and over again.

I did some quick Google searching and discovered a Firefox plug-in named XPath Checker. It works two ways:

  • It allows you to write an XPath expression and see what it returns.
  • It allows you to click on piece of a page and see an XPath expression that would find it

It rocks.

6 thoughts on “Use Selenium? Use XPath Checker.

  1. Thanks for the tip on the X-path checker, it has saved me so much time and most of all frustration. I will keep coming back to check for the great tips. Thanks so much, Abby


  2. I think as good as XPath Checker is XPather Browser, aslo a plugin for Firefox. It gives the entire path from /html to what ever element your using. I’m a Java developer, writing selenium tests for a web application. And I can tell you this: My dream team(tools) is:
    -Selenium IDE(whom can convert in Java, Ruby);
    -XPath Checker;
    -XPather browser;



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