cf.Objective 2008 – Day 2

My first presentation was my own. I thought it went really well, but I over pruned and ran a little short. I might have been talking fast too, but through the magic of twitter, I got instant feedback.

Neurotic Terrance Ryan – the ultimate manipulator! 😉 from im

brandonmoser B. Arthur wrestlign a velociraptor is a great visual…awesome from twhirl

Neurotic I love Terrence’s slides.. I really need better pictures for slides! from im

Neurotic Terrance Ryan’s Professional Development in a Hostile Shop is really good! from im

seancorfield “patrick” and “john”… yeah, right… terrence nearly slipped up and used the real names 🙂 from twhirl

brandonmoser In Terrance Ryan’s talk on “Hostile Dev” at @cfobjective, so far a great talk from twhirl

seancorfield brilliant illustrative images in terrence’s talk! from twhirl

sharondio Nice use of Simpson’s imagery for “hostility” in Terry Ryan’s talk. from im

seancorfield “resistance is not hostility” 🙂 from twhirl

Woo hoo.

Next I went to Peter Farrell’s Using ANT : Make Your Development Life More Productive. Peter hit the standard stuff, but he also hit on some other ideas, like using running a var scope checker, or documentation building from Ant. Another cool point is that he pointed out things in Ant terminology as equivalent to Coldfusion terms. A lot of the tips and tricks were really useful; I’ll have to download the presentation.

I have to admit I was kinda high for the rest of the day after my presentation. I floated through Matt Woodward’s Michael Collins’ and Mark Mandel’s presentations. I got things out of them, but I have nothing to offer on the presentations. That’s not a reflection on the presenters. I was just too jazzed up. I’ll report more tomorrow.

Meanwhile I struggled with and won getting automatic tagging via ant to work on my machine. I have to say, I’ve really drunk the KoolAid about it, John Paul Ashenfelter is my new hero.

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