Humor in Speaking

I owe a fair deal of success to my various experiences working with Avish Parashar.

He’s doing a free teleseminar about using developing and using humor in speaking. I haven’t heard this particular talk before, I will be listening to it, but I can attest to his expertise on this matter. Anyone who has a vested interest in… let’s say… enhancing a technical presentation to make it more interesting, would benefit greatly from what Avish has to say.

I figure it’s important to note, that he’s not about adding a joke or two to your presentations. He’s talking adding appropriate and topical humor to presentations. He’s also about teaching you to think on your feet, and respond to your audience with in-the-moment humor.

The seminar will be held Thursday, April 17th from 1:00PM EST to 2:30PM.

Find out more at Avish’s various sites:

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