Basecamp API Update

First of all thanks to all of the people who have either promoted or contacted me about BasecampCFC. I am really excited about all of the interest. As of now it’s been mentioned at:

I have to admit, getting it on 37Signals’ radar was pretty cool.

Now on to the meat of this post, the latest update…

I’ve fixed a number of issues with both the basecamp.cfc and the demo app that goes along with it.


  • I added a debug setting to the init method. It adds extra information to the ColdFusion debugging output.
  • I added an authentication method. It allows you to tell the difference between
    • Authentication failure
    • API not being enabled
    • Basecamp project not existing
  • I made steps to ensure that all get methods would return consistent column lists for queries.

Demo application

  • Now tells you if you haven’t enabled the API
  • Now gives directions on enabling API.
  • It’s a bit more robust in handling blank records

Finally, if anyone is interested I added the unit tests to the SVN repository, if anyone wants to see how I’m testing the whole thing.

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