cf.Objective Progress

Less than a year ago, I went to cf.Objective for the first time, and came back with a list of items that I wanted to see myself do, because I was introduced to them at the conference. I thought I would do a quick public coming clean about my progress.

To recap, my list was:

  • Start using Coldspring
  • Start using an ORM
  • Start using a real (UI) framework
  • Stop thinking about objects in terms of data
  • Start doing development on my local machine
  • Stop spreading rumors that the man saying he is Sean Corfield having the real Sean Corfield tied up in his hotel room.

My progress:

I started using ColdSpring for dependency injection in a few of my projects. I haven’t reached by goal of using it for Aspect Oriented Programming yet. So that will go back on the list.

I refined Squidhead to work against multiple DBMS’s and to understand foreign keys; making is a real solution for at least me.

I failed to start using a real UI framework. I would still like to, but I’ve been lazy. I need to be more disciplined. I really want to start using either Fusebox or ModelGlue.

I think I’ve switching from thinking about objects as objects first, and then going into the database to represent them, not the other way around. Could I do better? Sure. But I am much further ahead of myself a year ago.

I switched to local development solely. No more remote servers. Feels great, I never want to go back. Thank you, Mark Drew, your “car with a spike on the steering wheel” analogy changed my professional life.

I don’t spread rumors about Sean’s identity anymore. In part, Sean finally updated his picture. In part because I heard if you make any sort of fun of him, he will track you down, and shave a half dollar sized bald spot onto your head. That man is dedicated! And a Philadelphia winter is much, much colder with a mini-tonsure. Trust me.

So that’s it. I’ll hold off on making a new list until after cf.Objective 2008.

And if you aren’t going, don’t worry, every ColdFusion blog will be full of stories of how awesome it is. So, you know, that will be just like being there.

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