Squidhead Updates and New Features

It’s been a little while since I’ve talked about new features of Squidhead, so I figured I would take the opportunity to blow my own horn.

New features:

  • Oracle Support
  • Linux Support
  • Linking table support
  • FKCrazy Application template
  • Rudimentary ColdSpring Support

Squidhead will run against Oracle 10g. It alters its model a bit to create stored procedures within packages, as this seemed to be in keeping with Oracle Best Practices.

Squidhead will run on Ubuntu. I haven’t tried it in other flavors yet, but I can’t tell why it wouldn’t.

If you follow the convention of naming tables [table1]To[table2] and have the primary keys from table1 and table2 as foreign keys, Squidhead will recognize the table as a linking table. It will create stored procedures that pass queries through this linking table to create relationships between linked tables.

FKCrazy application will use the linking table information to automatically create interface that uses all of the foreign key relationships to add and delete child records. It can do this in a one to many relationship, or in a many to many relationship. Translation: If you’ve seen my Facebook in 17 minutes presentation – everything I did manually at the end now happens automatically. So if I did it today, it would be more like Facebook in 12 minutes.

Squidhead can create its own ColdSpring configuration files. Not earth shattering but makes integrating a Squidhead application with an application already in ColdSpring much easier.

So there you go, quite the update over the past few weeks.

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