I followed the link Peter Bell offered today of the rundown of various web frameworks. I kept following to the Wikipedia article for my particular favorite framework, Model-Glue. Where I discovered this line:

Written by Joe Rinehart, a quasi-popular ColdFusion blogger…

Really, quasi-popular? That seems a bit awkward not to mention inaccurate.

Joe, you’re at least semi-popular in my book.

4 thoughts on “Quasi-Popular?

  1. RoR b*llshit? That statement requires elucidation from Peter Bell.
    I’ve worked on model-glue and RoR and found RoR to be simple, concise and capable (This makes no statement about mg). I lost XML configuration files and gained a console to run code in and gained a first-rate ORM (mg, I’m talking to you). RoR’s MVCness is lucidly designed and easy to follow.
    The ‘cult’ you speak of is really quite nice. They only ask that you sacrifice your allegiance to a specific technology. Furthermore, I think to wholly align yourself to a specific technology, cf or ruby or x, is to subordinate yourself to it.


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