ColdFusion 8, Verity and Vista

I’ve been having an issue with a quick and dirty development server I setup for a project. I couldn’t get Verity operations to run. I checked and low and behold there was no Verity Service installed. I reinstalled ColdFusion, but still no “ColdFusion Search Service” showed up.

I tried the super secret verity_uninstall and verity_install bat files, but still no joy.

Then I tried what I should have thought of in the first place. I right clicked verity_install.bat and chose to run as administrator. That did the trick; Verity is now completely working.

One thought on “ColdFusion 8, Verity and Vista

  1. I am running Vista Business with the latest Windows updates installed, and I am unable to install ColdFuison 8 on the machine. When I launch the Coldfusion-8-win.exe, I incur a fatal application error: “java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class javax.swing.UIManager”


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