Wharton Hiring Again

Dave Konopka has a post over at his site about a ColdFusion position that is open at Wharton Computing at the University of Pennsylvania, in Philadelphia PA. He’s looking for a junior level ColdFusion developer, but will consider hiring a PHP, Ruby or .Net developer and retraining.

I had the pleasure of working with Dave for a little over a year and half, and let me say that Dave’s an amazing guy with which to work. Also, he took the .Net programmer retrained in ColdFusion route, so he’s not fooling around about accepting other technologies. So if you’re even thinking about it, I say take him up on his offer and drop him a line.

See his post for details.

If you want to see what kinda stuff we’re all into at the Wharton School, check at the Wharton Computing Developer’s Center.

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