Unplanned Outage

You may or may not have noticed a little unplanned downtime. The webserver that Numtopia.com is on died last Thursday. My hosting provider got ColdFusion up by Saturday. But I don’t run BlogCFC like all the other cool kids, I run Movable Type which needs Perl and a special MySQL Perl driver. Getting my hosting provider to re-install it (it was there pre-crash) was an exercise in patience. It took almost a full week for them to do so.

Now I’ve been oscillating between impatience (I want this up) and understanding (this isn’t a business, and I’ve had to deal with people with custom configs post crash.) I’ve decided that for ColdFusion hosting, for $12 a month; 1 week of downtime for my ability to post to my blog over the course of 2 years, is probably acceptable.

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