Squidhead Update 5/2007

Squidhead is swimming along nicely. I’ve gotten some good suggestions, over the last few weeks, and figured I would post what’s going on.

Dave Konopka, who works with me here at Wharton, has a pretty good complaint about Squidhead. Basically his complaint is that there needs to be another layer between the DAO and UI. We’ve taken to calling it the Business layer. Basically, many times his basic interaction with the database requires more than just one DAO operation, and often other operations not related to the database (logging, email, etc.) So to achieve perfect encapsulation and reusability through the application, he requires the business layer.

He provided me with a good bit of code for it, which will create Business beans for any of the DAO operations. Additionally it abstracts the whole “Is it an add or is it an update” logic, making the UI have to do less work.

I’ve added the business CFC creation routine to Squidhead and am working on rewiring the UI to use it. It will be optional, so that existing applications don’t break, but it will be set to the default way of doing stuff.

Finally, I did get some requests for Fusebox integration, and MySQL compatibility. I’m working on those, but Dave’s in my office, so he gets to sell me this stuff right to my face.

3 thoughts on “Squidhead Update 5/2007

  1. It will be interesting to see the new features in action. I’m not sure how the created business will work, but the way I understood it was that it was up to the developer to create their own business logic. But, if its less work for me then I’m a supporter. I’m using Squidhead w/ Coldbox and it works great.


  2. Good to hear it John. All of the business stuff will be totally optional. I’m still trying to figure out how to implement it. Cool to hear that your using it with Coldbox, as I hear such great things about it.


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