Adobe Made me Obsolete

It looks like with the Scorpio tour in full swing, the NDA is up on certain aspects of ColdFusion 8. (I’m still going to tread lightly though.) But according to this article from the downloadsquad, Adobe finally revealed that they went and added Exchange Integration to ColdFusion.

Up until now, the only game in town was using Webdav to communicate with Exchange. I’ve been pushing the little bit I know about it for the last year.

I’ve never been happier to be out of a line of work ever. This stuff is tough to write and fickle to maintain. Microsoft doesn’t make it any easier by breaking stuff when they push out updates.

I’ve been working with it in the Beta tests and I can categorically say: Adobe has made it truly easy to interact with Exchange. Short of working in .Net, there is no easier way to programmatically interact with Exchange than with what the ColdFusion team achieved here. This is to say, having worked with .Net, there is no easier way to programmatically interact with Exchange than with ColdFusion 8.

I have some ideas for best practices of working with Exchange from ColdFusion when we can all talk more freely about it. In the meantime if you get a chance to get on the Beta trial give it a chance; it will knock your socks off.

5 thoughts on “Adobe Made me Obsolete

  1. Lol. From your title, I assumed this was a New Atlanta blog. 🙂

    FYI. People who attend the Scorpio User Group tour events may be offered the opportunity to join the private beta.


  2. Not knowing the internals of how the CF team are communicating with Exchange, I have to say ‘I don’t know.’

    What little tidbit I was able to get out of a tired CF engineer at Max, points me to Webdav which is deemphasized but not deprecated in Exchange 2007.


  3. My understanding from the presentation at the Seattle User Group is that Adobe is using a Webdav wrapper to implement communication between Exchange and Scorpio and it will be compatible with both 2003 & 2007. However, it was clearly stated in the meeting that “Things in Scorpio are still subject to change”.


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