Scorpio in August?

I don’t know if anyone checked out the new Scorpio wallpapers posted by Ben Forta, but in the lower right there is a line “<8 : 2007 >.” (See the blue wallpaper .)

I seem to remember reading this speculation somewhere else, but a quick Googling yielded nothing. I think that’s a pretty decent sign that Adobe is targeting August for ColdFusion 8. Woohoo. Good news to those of us that want to deploy apps for a new school year.

Either that or they’re screwing with us. If that is the case I say: “Shame on you, Tim Buntel. Shame.”

12 thoughts on “Scorpio in August?

  1. Just making an educated guess, but I would be willing to bet that “8” stands for Scorpio 8, and not the month number. It will be released in 2007, though.


  2. I think I would have to agree that the 8 is version 8 and that 2007 is the year it was released.

    I actually think you might see it before August given it’s currrent status.


  3. @Jacob I agree that you they could announce its release date then. But I haven’t even seen a public beta of it yet. I feel like June would be really cutting it close.


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