CFEclipse 1.3 and Vista

I desperately wanted to be one of the cool kids and try switching over to CFEclipse now that the new version is out. But Vista balked when I went to install it. It rand through the process, and then said that it couldn’t write certain files. (.bat files to be exact.)

Right clicking on Eclipse, and running it as administrator fixed this problem. I’m looking forward to give CFEclipse another try now.

9 thoughts on “CFEclipse 1.3 and Vista

  1. Here’s the error message I get:

    Unable to complete action for feature “CFEclipse” due to errors.
    Unable to create file “/c:/Program Files/Adobe/Flex Builder 2/plugins/org.cfeclipse.cfml_1.3.0 dictionary/preprocess.bat”. [c:Program FilesAdobeFlex Builder 2pluginsorg.cfeclipse.cfml_1.3.0 dictionarypreprocess.bat (Access is denied)]

    So it might be relavant that I’m running CFEclipse as a stand alone build of Flex Builder.


  2. Aha… that is a leftover file from some conversions I think (or a pre-processor we were working on) talk about fascist OS!

    Will remove it before vista becomes (like all virus) prevolent.


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