MAX 2006 – Day 1 Complete

Day one is finally over, and despite my slow start, I think that I got a full day’s worth out of it.

I talked about it earlier, but the Getting Started with Apollo by Mike Chambers was really worth it. Especially if you’ve been living in a cave and haven’t really wrapped your mind around Apollo. Which I hadn’t… until after this session.

Next came Developing Hybrid Applications with ColdFusion and Java by Jason Delmore. This was really cool. I’ve done a bit with Java from ColdFusion, but I still learned a huge couple things.

Then came Unlocking the ColdFusion Server Black Box by Ashwin Matthew. I have been waiting for this stuff for so long. No more taking a random poll of my developers and seeing which one will cop to writing an infinite loop. This stuff is very well done, and I highly recommend if you manage ColdFusion servers at all.

The final official session I visited was Image Manipulation in ColdFusion by Prayank Swaroop. This is the only one that didn’t wow me. Basically it was a laundry list of all of the image things you will be able to do with the potentially upcoming CFImage tag. It’s not that this stuff isn’t cool. It is. And it wasn’t that Prayank Swaroop wasn’t a good speaker. He is. It’s just that between tmt_img.cfc, and other image tools, this just isn’t new. It’s awesome that ColdFusion will be supporting it natively though.

In between I stopped in at MAXUP and was impressed with what I saw.

Finally I attended the ColdFusion Birds of a Feather. The team was, as always very impressive. Their answers were great… yada yada yada. By this point great from the ColdFusion team is what I expect. What really impressed me was the attendees. Great probing questions, and good acceptance of answers. Also there was no panic about ColdFusion going away which I was half expecting.

All in all, Day One was fantastic.

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