MAX 2006 – MAXUP First Impressions

I sat through two MAXUP sessions today, and I have two things to say:

  1. They are in fact as cool as advertised
  2. You don’t know what you’re missing

I saw:

  • Processing Dynamic Forms with ColdFusion – Erik Goodlad. It definitely showed a new way of thinking about large sets of forms. If you can find the presentation online, definitely do so.
  • Developing Rich Internet Applications with SAP and Flex – Matthias Zeller. It was awesome, what those guys have done with RIA, combining separate systems, and separate audiences is just fantastic. Seeing this should definitely give one some ideas about new interfaces.

I can’t say this enough. MAXUP is definitely worth attending. I make two recommendations to presenters:

  1. Be prepared to have people in and out of your session. Roll with it.
  2. Provide a url for the presentation often.
  3. Place the topic in the footer of your presentation so people can quickly figure out what you are talking about.

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