MAXUP looks Good

Let me preference this by saying I’ve absolutely loved the previous MAX’s I’ve attended. But one problem I’ve had is that sometimes a MAX session just doesn’t cut it for me. Either, it wasn’t what I expected, or not in depth enough, or what not. In any case I find myself with a little time on my hands, and nothing to do. Usually, I check my email, or try and see if anyone is making a run to In-n-Out. (At least when they’ve been on the West Coast.)

MAXUP looks like it will give me an alternative to hunting the Double Double. Not just an alternative but MAXUP looks like it’s really going to spectacular. There are a tremendous number of really cool sounding presentations.

I definitely have to attend ColdFusion and Exchange by me. If you wondering more about that, I’m going to talk about creating Contacts and Appointments in Microsoft Exchange Mailboxes from ColdFusion.

I’m going to try very hard to catch:

I’m going to try to catch everything I can, but I’ll definitely skip MAX sessions for these.

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