MAXUP Session – ColdFusion and Exchange

Last week in a moment of hubris I decided to volunteer to do a MAXUP session on what we at Wharton have been able to do with ColdFusion and Exchange. I must admit I’m feeling a little daunted now that I find out other participants include MySpace and EBay. But whatever, I’m going to stay optimistic that I’ll get scheduled and not take it personally if I’m not.

In case anyone is curious, the presentation will take you through three questions behind ColdFusion and Exchange Integration:

  • What things have we been able to do with Exchange?
  • How, technically, do we interact with Exchange?
  • Why would we want to, or better yet “What cool things can you do with it?”

If anyone is interested, and wants something else asked and answered, please let me know.

2 thoughts on “MAXUP Session – ColdFusion and Exchange

  1. No worries. Presenting is great practice and you will do just fine. I am pretty interested to see what you all are working on with Flex/Coldfusion at Wharton and I am sure others will be as well.

    Real projects, real people, MAXUP!

    See you there!

    Ted Patrick


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