Changes are a-coming

It’s been close to 9 months since my last site redesign. Obviously, a redesign is in order. However this time, I’m going to approach it in a more professional manner. I’m going to define goals ahead of time and see if I can come up with a plan to reach them.

First off, I should define the overall goals of my site, which are

  • To practice techniques across the spectrum of web technology , particularly those that my fall outside the realm of my current professional responsibilities.
  • To practice blogging specifically.
  • To give me an excuse to keep up with one of my favorite hobbies including politics, writing, and cigar smoking.

Now for the goals of my upcoming redesign:

  • To practice creating another aesthetic look for a web site.
  • To unify site navigation
  • To further de-divitis my XHTML
  • To experiment with DOM scripting in a manner consistent with the separation of content, presentation and behavior extolled by the Web Standards Project.
  • Possibly style sections of the site that are specific with a specific look. (Cigars, technology, politics, etc)

Who knows when I will get this done, as I’ve got a wedding to go to this fall, and some prep work to do for it. But I wanted to get that out there so I would remember to do so.

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