Why Webstandards Rule

I just read AListApart on my new Blackberry and am now writing about it on the same in the web based administrator for my MovableType install. Wht do I credit webstandards? Because these sites degrade beautifully because of webstandards. And since I’m really bored waiting for Janice to get done with skating practice without other entertainment So I’m grateful.

Update: I couldn’t get Ryan’s url to display in the comments. So here it is:
Why Flash still beats everything else on the Web

2 thoughts on “Why Webstandards Rule

  1. There appears to be some disagreement: (See link above)
    Aside from the ranting nature, he does bring up some interesting points. I’m torn, I really like web standards (though BlogCFC makes it impossible to have a valid website) but I also really like flash.

    It is a pickle.


  2. He’s got some good points. Howver I think he misses the greater point. The point is that webstandards should mean simpler HTML code. Webstandards also mean that even if you didn’t test it on a particular platform, there’s a good chance it will still work.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love Flex, CFForm type=Flash, and Flash, but they don’t have Flash for my Blackberry yet. However webstandards built pages still work fine. Until Flash Lite really penetrates the US market I think webstandards buys you more.


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