Which ColdFusion Personality Would You Host?

Dan, Ryan, and I were discussing this year’s Macromedia Max (or whatever Adobe will call it) while drinking, one thing led to another and the following question was posed:

Which ColdFusion personality would you to invite to sleep on your guest bed?

First, of course we thought Ben Forta. I think that would be like hosting the Dali Lama. You’d be nervous, you’d say things like “I can’t let Ben Forta see my PHP books.”

We moved on to Damon Cooper, who at first glance would be fun. But I get the feeling that he’s like your college friend who comes and makes drinking look so fun. So it’s fun, but you have like a 5 day hangover after he leaves.

So I think my vote would be for Tim Buntel. He seems like he would be fun but not a giant enabler. He wouldn’t criticize your book collection. And he would probably make the bed before he left.

Anyone out there have any opinions other than “Geeks like you should not drink.”

13 thoughts on “Which ColdFusion Personality Would You Host?

  1. I bet Viktor Schauberger would be a really cagey houseguest. I mean, after the Nazis caused him to have a nervous breakdown, I bet he became a lot less fun to be around…


  2. Cool- fun question.
    I’m going with Tim Buntel- even with his voice gone, he’s still one of the most entertaining personalities you’ll ever meet (if you caught his MXDU 2005 keynote session, you’ll know EXACTLY what I’m talking about).

    (honestly, it’s a very tight push for #2 between Nimer and Ben- both are a ton of fun to hang with as well…)


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