ColdFusion and Valid Code

I ‘ve gotten oddly obsessive about webstandards and valid XHTML. The problem is that many of ColdFusion‘s features that make web development easy also make very unstandard xhtml. In order to get this site to validate I had to:

  • Replace Flash <cfform> tags with properly styled XHTML forms.
  • Remove all <cfdump> tags
  • Replace all embedded Flash with Flash embedding using the Satay Method.
  • Clean all Movable Type created content.

Finally when all was said and done, I have one page left that won’t validate. It’s a page on which I use <cfchart>. Nothing I’ve been able to do seems to fix that. I know there are plenty of people who don’t think validation is vital but a large company like Macromedia should shoot for valid output.

3 thoughts on “ColdFusion and Valid Code

  1. Such a perfectionist… 😛

    Is there a certain validator that you use? I love Macromedia myself. Could not live without it– but I certainly need some guidance, as I am only on my second website (and I only know a little bit of Java). Any tips would be welcome


  2. Well for validation in general I use the validator, which is linked into the Firefox developer’s tool bar.

    However for testing the whole site, I use the WDG validator, which can crawl a site and validate up to 100 pages in the site.


  3. That’s awesome Terry. Hpoefully one of the things Ray will do is make it a little bit easier for people who use his blog software to use valid XHTML. ColdFusion of course makes that nearly impossible though. I wonder if that’s something the CF team is working on.


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