Max Day 3

I opted not to go to my first session, a hands on session, because I have given up on hands on sessions. Nothing else appealed to me so I went back to the hotel, downloaded the Flex Builder Alpha, and built something. So no waste there.

I made it back for Understanding Flex Security with Erick Lee. I’m glad I went to this, finally there’s some instruction which talks about securing both the server and applications. I highly reccomend the materials to anyone who does Flex Development.

Then, I wandered into Architecting Flex Applications by Matt Chotin. If nothing else this finally convinced me that MVC architechture is worth looking at. I’ve seen code examples of it before, but Chotin did a great job of explaining why you would do it. The rest of it was okay.

Break for burgers from In and Out, and to get Janice settled.

I ended the day Next Generation Flex: Data Services with Christophe Coenraets. One of co-workers walked out of this with his mind blown, so I had to go to it. Man, was this cool. They really are looking to make collaborative data processing easy to do. It seems like a lot of what you could do with Flash Remoting, they built into Flex Enterprise Server. Except that it takes two or three lines of code to do it.

All in all this was my best day in terms of content quality.

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