Max – Day 2

I started the day with a bout of issues. I assume they have to do with my choice of eatery last night. So I missed my first session.

I did make it into ColdFusion Enterprise Integration taught by Sean Corfield, who looks nothing like the picture on his site. This was fantastic, if for no other reason than it validated a lot of what I do with ColdFusion. Namely backend processes, not viewed by users. It gave me a lot of good ideas about what to do to make these processes more robust. If you do this type of work, check out this class either tomorrow, or in the materials.

The keynote was ok, although I had an aisle seat which helped a bunch. The skit thing was a little silly, and didn’t add much to the experience. Both Adobe and Jermey Allaire had incredible presentations that kinda over shadowed Macromedia. I guess this isn’t so bad though, as Allaire’s new product was based on Flex, and Adobe will be the brand soon so no big deal there.

After lunch, I found out that Leveraging Cold Fusion Components in ColdFusion MX 7 was a little to basic for me. So I walked out, and rescheduled to take Creating BLOGs Using Dreamweaver, which I also thought was a little slow. I figured my ego needed deflating so I took the certification exam for ColdFusion MX 7. I passed.

My ego was in full swing when I strode into RIA Design Best Practices: Implementation with Flex. I left after 20 minutes because it was pretty much the RIA Design Best Practices: Theory for Developers I took yeasterday, but with the occasional code example.

There is still more to do tonight, so I’m off.

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