Job Opening

Once again I am hiring for an open position. Here’s the description I put on

Wharton Computing at the University of Pennsylvania is looking for a full time ColdFusion/ Flex developer in Philadelphia, PA. Duties primarily involve application development, though some server maintenance is involved. Contact:

Just so you know, knowledge of ColdFusion and Flex are not mandatory for being hired, though they are primarily what you’d be doing. I see three ways that someone could come at this job.

  1. Applicant with ColdFusion and Flex experience already.
  2. Applicant with a solid foundation in programming, who is willing to learn ColdFusion and Webstandards based web design.
  3. Applicant with design background, familiar with Webstandards based web design who is willing to learn programming, through ColdFusion.

It’s a great place to work, with a distinct workplace culture. So drop me a line if your interested:

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