Embedded Cfdocument

I meant to blog this a while back. One of the things I think is really cool about Cold Fusion 7 is the fact that it can dynamically create Flashpaper by way of <cfdocument>. I think there are two big advantages to using Flashpaper over PDF’s in web applications: 1. Since they’re just .swf files, they load much faster; 2. Since they load faster you can embed them in pages. However when you use <cfdocument> the existing website interface is completely replaced by Flashpaper’s interface. I believe there are some cases when you wouldn’t want that. According, I have written a cfc that will allow you to pass content in and embed <cfdocument> created Flashpaper in line.

Check it out: Flashpaper Embedder.

One thought on “Embedded Cfdocument

  1. I am having problems using cfdocument flashpaper. It works on all of the mac browsers. On windows it works on firefox. But in IE7 it does not work. Can anyone tell me a work around. I could use pdf’s, but flashpaper is faster. Here’s my code its pretty simple.

    #form.fname# #form.lname#

    I am using flash player 9, and that seems to be the problem. It works in the older players, but with IE 7 and flash player 9, they dont work. Help?????!


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