More Site Nonsense

I have weird little preferences about my site, and I really wanted my links section to to come from my list of RSS feeds. But I use Sharpreader which is is a desktop client so I can’t just pull my links in from another site., or publish, or work any other magic. However, Sharpreader can export to an OPML file, which is just a variant of XML. So I should be able to download a CFML OPML parser. Turns out that by “download,” I mean “construct.” Since I couldn’t find one, I’ve included the source to make it happen. Enjoy, don’t enjoy, use, don’t use, whatever.

<cffunction access=”public” name=”display_opml” output=”true” returntype=”void” hint=”Takes an opml file and outputs a list of links. “>
<cfargument name=”opml_file” type=”string” required=”yes” default=”” hint=”The file location of the opml file to display.”>

<cffile action=”read” file=”#arguments.opml_file#” variable=”feeds”>
<cfset feedsXML=XMLParse(feeds)>

<cfloop index=”i” from=”1″ to=”#ArrayLen(feedsXML.opml.body.outline)#”>


2 thoughts on “More Site Nonsense

  1. That’s pretty sweet. I don’t use Sharpreader, but if I did, I’d steal that code Thomas Crowne Affair style.

    Also, where are the cigar posts?


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