ColdFusion Zeus is Still in Development

With all of the rest of the Adobe angst there has a slightly growing concern voiced by a few ColdFusion developers. Let me say it here and now:

ColdFusion Zeus development continues. It’s still on schedule.

I’ll say more publicly next week at cf.Objective ANZ.

6 thoughts on “ColdFusion Zeus is Still in Development

  1. The sky is falling, the sky is falling.

    Wolf, Wolf, Wolf

    ColdFusion… (ah, knock it off and take a vacation guys!)

    – – – – –

    The platform is not in danger. Adobe would have spun it off and as an invested outsider you guys who are paranoid need to sit down and have a warm bowl of chicken soup by a fire place on a lake! Perhaps a lamaze class might help, LOL. I cast my vote of confidence in Adobe and the current future of ColdFusion. Granted, I did look up and do some research about the same issues but it’s better to act on business understanding and knowledge than reacting with fear that doesn’t have cause. We are good for Zeus and CF9 is pretty powerful in it’s own rights. Zeus is more of a great thing.


  2. David, I make no allusions. The economic realities of ColdFusion are: ColdFusion funds itself; If it continues to sell enough to fund itself, there will be future versions.

    The only reasons I felt I had to put this forward was all of the angst over what is happening on the Flash side of the house.


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