ColdFusion Builder and Flash Builder Integration eSeminar

I’ll be doing an eSeminar, tomorrow, Thursday, November 5th at 2pm EST /11am PST.

The topic will be using ColdFusion Builder and Flash Builder together. Flash Builder obviously is the best tool for building RIAs with Flex. However Flash Builder added a lot of extra functionality. On top of that ColdFusion Builder adds even more.

This session will explore these integration points, and show you just how fast you can build your applications.

To register and get all of the info you need to participate go to our Online Events site.

6 thoughts on “ColdFusion Builder and Flash Builder Integration eSeminar

  1. So I know you probably can’t answer this, but I thought I’d ask anyway. 🙂 I’ve read in the Flash Builder 4 beta documentation that the Premium edition will include CF Builder. Do you know if that is true? Also will Flash Builder continue to be free for educational institutions?


  2. Off-topic, but hopefully you can snipe this with a quick URL.

    I can’t find any info on using ColdFusion 9’s Flash Remoting advances with pure Actionscript ( for example, an AS3 app authored in Flash CS4 Professional ). The CF9 docs just reference the oldschool Flash Remoting MX 2004 info, is that what I should use?



  3. Is it possible to use ColdFusion Builder extensions with Flash Builder? I am using Flash Builder 4 with the ColdFusion Builder plug-in, however under “Preferences > ColdFusion” there is no Extensions option.


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