Word Wrap in ColdFusion Builder

A number of people have commented on the lack of word or line wrapping in ColdFusion. I whined to Adam Lehman about it, and he set me straight.

You can find it in the preferences:

Preferences -> HTML -> Editors

Under Editors there is a toggle button for General/Advanced. Click “Advanced”

Option reads “Enable Word Wrap” It will require a restart of ColdFusion Builder.


We’re talking about perhaps seeing if we can’t make this more obvious.

15 thoughts on “Word Wrap in ColdFusion Builder

  1. Thanks for this, I was looking as well. Have I missed code folding anywhere? When I open CFC’s I liked how CFEclipse collapsed all of them by default


  2. Yes, please give us the option to initially fold methods in CFC’s. Also, it would be nice to have the option to un-select code we don’t want folded by default like loops, conditionals etc. It can get very annoying when every little snipit wants to fold up in your functions.


  3. Interesting. Making that change makes absolutely no difference for me (in either *.htm? or *cf? files).

    I’m running the stand-alone version, on Windows Vista Home Premium.

    One thing that leapt to mind when you said Adobe were looking at putting the option somewhere more obvious was "well… yes, definitely. Why would one expect a setting under the HTML options have any impact of CF templates anyhow?" I could understand if it switched line wrap on for HTM/HTML files, but that option shouldn’t impact CFM/CFC files at all, should it? If it’s a global option for all file types, it should be under Prefs > General > Editors, shouldn’t it?

    In reality, though, this option should be on a toolbar somewhere on the main edit screen, I think. And it should be toggle-able without needing to restart the workspace.

    Cheers for the tip though. Any thoughts as to why it dun’t work for me?



  4. Just an observation: your comments – when displayed – do not preserve any formatting, like the para breaks I put in my previous comment. Reduces readability somewhat.



  5. As much as we have to keep in our heads at any given time ( and the older we are) it’s amazing that word wrap reminds me of a typical Microsft Application where a critical feature is so far off the beaten path that I may have top make a snippet for it.

    Why not put it in the right click button menu at the top and a text based icon that is easily visible?

    While were on the general topic of ease of use: is there a way to bookmark files that one is currently working on so we don’t have to go through the project heirarchy or create projects that just contain those files? How about under tasks or a work in progress pallete we have a choice of adding all open documents to the pallet, naming it and then call it back up instead of going through setting up a new project.

    Finally, under the CRS heading, one feature of dreamweaver that was appreciated that I can’t seem to find here was Inserts. I see it on the html, JS, CSS and CFML but I’d like to see SPRY or our choice of insets based on Ajax frameworks, Jquery etc.


  6. thanks for pointing out where the word wrap is! It even turned on the line numbers for me. Yay!!

    Who would ever think those would be advanced options?

    In any case, does anyone know how to jump to a particular line number? (Like using Ctrl-G in Dreamweaver… man I am happy to dump Dreamweaver!!)


  7. Thanks for posting where to find it – but it is still just horribly inconvenient. I only want to use word wrap when editing content that is extra long. I rarely use it when coding, and generally do not want to have it on. To have to dig that deep into the preferences AND to have to restart the program every time I want to turn it on or off is just unacceptable.


  8. If you have Aptana installed, it’s located in Preferences -> Aptana -> Editors (Advanced tab). And you do need to restart, otherwise it looks like wrap puts it on a new line. So restart.


  9. Amazingly, in CFBuilder 3, they fixed this (he said sarcastically).
    That is they put the “Enable Word Wrap” up a level, not under advanced but under “HTML\Editor” where you can easily find it.
    While it still makes not much sense to use HTML settings to control ColdFusion code, they have corrected it to have no effect whatever on your ColdFusion code.
    So now we can lobby for a word wrap for ColdFusion code.
    Or, my solution when working with long lines? Open Atom…


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