Getting Adobe Software For Higher Education

A couple of my educational customers have asked me this, and I figured I would come up with a canonical (for me at least) answer.

How do I get Adobe Software with educational pricing?

Free Software

Both ColdFusion and Flex Builder are free for Students, Faculty, or Staff using them for academic purposes. In order to take advantage of that, you have to go to either the Flex or ColdFusion FreeRIATools site. The only thing you have to do to secure the software is prove you are eligible. The easiest way to do so is to take a picture of your student ID and send it in. I know from experience that they accept that.

If you would like to obtain a bulk license for a lab or classroom, you can do it through that site. You just:

  • Accept the terms
  • Click the button for “Other”
  • Answer the questions about the lab
  • Select the number of licenses you want

Discounted Software

In North America, Adobe has a tool that will allow you to search for local resellers for our products. I did a spot check for the Philadelphia area (my local), and it looked very up to date.

Adobe – Find an education reseller

In Europe (and North America) Adobe products can be found online at Studica. Additionally Fuzzy Orange, can also resell Adobe software and provide educational discounts. They do not have a online catalog/store, but if you contact them they will be more than happy to help you out.

In other parts of the world, the online Adobe store has an educational section:

Adobe Store – Select a store

I’m not convinced this covers everyone so if you can’t find a way to buy Adobe products for Higher Education in your country or region, let me know, and I’ll research it.

4 thoughts on “Getting Adobe Software For Higher Education

  1. I always tell people to check their campus bookstore. I worked at the UNT Bookstore for years and we always stocked the most popular "Academic Use" software titles. If we didn’t have it in stock, we would always try to order it or find out how a student could order it directly.


  2. @Dave As far as I know, ColdFusion is free if you are using to further the learning of ColdFusion. We can go back and forth on what exactly it means, but at the end of the day, we don’t provide support for these licenses of ColdFusion, so you wouldn’t want to build a production system on them. Does that make sense?


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