Selling Professional Development Techniques…

My presentation from this morning is now available on my site. Get it from the side bar or from:

Selling Professional Development Techniques at a Hostile Shop


According to his comments, Ryan Stewart doesn’t know what this “powerpoint thing” is ,and I need to use share before he could see this presentation.

9 thoughts on “Selling Professional Development Techniques…

  1. Great presentation, Terry. I read through it and I think I can adopt some of what you’re saying to push through some non-development projects that i’m working on. Great work!


  2. Now I REALLY regret missing your presentation live, Terry! Awesome stuff, and thanks for posting it. You’ve got the moral persuasion tactics down pat! You have to get into the head of people to convince them, and this is great food for thought. And, if you can ever convert a “hostile”, let me know.


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